Uploading texture pack

Well, first of all, I suggest to do this step once the texture pack is done, since if it isn't, you would need to upload it again and again with every change you made. Once this is said, let's start.


  • First of all, get your texture pack, and zip it (for mac users, search videos on google how to do this)

  • Then, go to this link: https://mc-packs.net (there are other ways, but this one is pretty good), and upload the resource pack there.

Uploaded file
  • Now press upload, and just wait. Once the process is done, the page will look like this:

  • The important part is the right side, where it says "Edit your server.properties file", so, we have to go there, it is in serverfolder/server.properties

  • Let's open it, and we have to search for:

    • resource-pack

    • resource-pack-sha1

  • And we just have to replace the values gave by the webpage into both of this.

  • Once we have done that, let's save the file, and start your server

If it was opened it is highly recommended to stop + start (don't restart but stop+restart)

And that's it, it is now in our server, I hope you understood everything if have a trouble in the process (and is not explained in this tutorial) feel free to ask in the discord of Ssomar plugins, have a nice day 🥳🥳🥳

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