How to use vanilla commands

It is possible that inside your ExecutableItem you will use vanilla commands that needs a position, such as:

  • playsound..

  • summon..

  • particle..

  • effect..

  • etc

If its the case, let's explain you something, all commands in the commands section are run by the console, so when you type "summon zombie ~ ~ ~" that command will be run from "0,0,0" in the default world.

To avoid this you have to add "execute at %player% run" before the command, that will force the command to be run from the coordinates where the player is.

For example:

❌run summon tnt ~ ~ ~ 
✅execute at %player% run summon tnt ~ ~ ~

❌playsound minecraft:ambient.cave master %player% ~ ~ ~ 1 1
✅execute at %player% run playsound minecraft:ambient.cave master %player% ~ ~ ~ 1 1

❌particle minecraft:flame ~ ~ ~ 1 1 1 0 10
✅execute at %player% run particle minecraft:flame ~ ~ ~ 1 1 1 0 10

✅effect give %player% speed 15 1

✅execute at %player% run setblock ~ ~ ~ stone

✅execute at %player% run fill ~1 ~1 ~1 ~-1 ~-1 ~-1 stone replace air

✅execute at %player% run tellraw %player% {"text":"hi"}
✅execute at %player% run tellraw @a {"text":"hi"}

These are special exceptions, that means, placeholders or general stuff that only works by certain conditions.

If its the case that the activator you are using is related with a block (if don't know what we are talking explore the gui or check the basic tutorial), you can use the block placeholders on commands, such as:

execute at %player% run setblock %block_x% %block_y% %block_z% stone

execute at %player% run fill %block_x% %block_y% %block_z% %block_x% 255 %block_z% stone

execute in <<%block_world%>> positioned %block_x% %block_y% %block_z% run summon tnt ~ ~ ~

"Multi-world" compatibility for the vanilla commands.

  • execute in <<NAMEOFYOUR_WORLD>> run ...

Example, you want summon a Zombie in the world SsomarWorld:

  • execute in <<SsomarWorld>> run summon zombie 100 50 100

Example with a placeholder:

  • execute in <<%player_world%>> run summon zombie 100 50 100

  • execute in <<%block_world%>> run particle firework %block_x% %block_y% %block_z% 1 1 1 0.2 20


In case this didn't help you to achieve what you wanted or doesn't work for you, feel free to ask in the Discord of Ssomar plugins your question.

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