Free vs premium

The free version of ExecutableItems is like a free-trial of it, to know how it works, what is possible and you could even make your whole server with it, but once you want to improve your items, and don't have all limitations the free one you have you start thinking into buying the premium version.. but, is it worth? what differences are there? couple of common questions asked in #support-ei in discord of Ssomar plugins, this page, should solve your answers.

No more limitations

Amount of items

  • Tired of creating items and receiving that message of "hey, you have reached your limit, in the free version you can only have 25 items max.." ? Well, in the premium version you can create as many items as you want, there is no limit, and also.. as a tip, since you will have a lot of items, wouldn't be a bad idea organizing them in folders. ๐Ÿ˜Ž


  • In the free version you can only work with ~14 activators, but there are +40 activators to make your items in the premium version, so you could trigger a block of commands depending on almost every action the player does.

  • Besides you will unlock every activator, you will also unlock the possibility to have as many activators as you want per item, that means creating multi functional tools, that does a lot of abilities, mechanics and complex constructor of skills.

All features

  • There are some features that grants a whole different view about how the items, activators, and triggering skills works, ยฟproblem with free one? most of them are disabled in the free version.

Custom textures

  • Did you already created your custom sword that makes more than 4 abilities, has custom particles, makes you to front dash, and looks epic but.. the sword is just a normal diamond sword? Well, wouldn't be a bad idea to have the same item.. but with a more epic sword.. you know what I mean, you need.. custom textures !!

  • In terms of it, we have created retexturing tutorials for you, to know how to retexture normal items, state items such as bow and even add textures animations such as a rainbow sword !. There is also a tutorial for you about how to upload your texture pack into your server. And as if that were not enough, if you have troubles in your texture pack, we can help you to figure out what did you do wrong.

Premium support

  • You would think.. hey, is there a difference in premium support and free support? generally no. ยฟSo why is this option as a pro of buying the premium version if its the same? well.. once you buy the premium version, a world of features is unlocked, and with that, the possibility to create super complex items, that means that your questions mostly will get difficult to answer, answers that not a lot of people will be able to answer.

    • For example, free version questions are relative easily to answer, since you have limitations, the questions are common and get repeated, so both helpers and even people that peeks the channel and want to help will be able to help you.

    • But with premium stuff.. sometimes the questions that are asked needs a lot of works, opening threads to only speak there, complex mechanics explanations, and that's why the helpers are there, they will be able 99% of times to help you with almost everything, you ask something, and they will figure out how would it be possible, sometimes the way are easier and sometimes harder, but we will guide you to a safe road.

Pre-made items

  • Once you got premium, if you haven't spend lot of time using the free one, you will not know how to work with it, so either you learn reading the tutorials in the wiki, the common questions, or taking a look at -> pre-made items:

    • In the default items there are a lots of items that needs premium and are cool, looking how they work with free version doesn't make sense, but once you have premium, feel free to open it and see how it works, why it has "x" amount of activators, oh, "this happens.. and then this"..

    • There is a discord channel and also a webpage where there are also lots of items shared by people, for obvious reasons, most of them are premium, once you got it, the same with the previous one, you will be able to check how they work, or just use them to your server without modifying anything.. as you want

    • And last but not less important, the items made by helpers, sometimes when people ask about items, depending on the complexity / what the asker wants / available time , it is possible for us to instead of explaining how to make the item, we can make the item for you, and obviously, that item will be shared in the premium channel in Discord, that means.. there are more than 3000 files sent in the channel, so, with the WIKI and with the searchbar of Discord, you will be able to search almost anything.. (and obviously, if you don't find it, feel free to ask ^^)

Support our work

  • Ssomar, developer of ExecutableItems, have taken a lot of time to develop this plugin bringing you all this time ALL-IN-GUI menu to add every possible feature, Fix all the bugs reported in #suggestion-bugs fastest as possible, adding the suggestions that people would like to see in the plugin, and he still doing it until today.

  • Supporters, Special70, Vayk and Ssomar too (unstoppable !), answer every question asked in the supports channels (even if they are already asked in the wiki ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿคจ , we link you there), studying the possibilities of the plugin, knowing how it works, spending a lot of time into developing items to get better and better, and with that, get a best experience to answer your questions.

  • Also the answer wait time is crazy, looks like a race ๐Ÿš—, we are always attentive to new messages, so, your message will not leave there alone days until someone answers, you will literally be answered as fast as we can. ๐Ÿ’ช

Anyways, the fact is that there is a lot of hard work behind, with acquiring the premium version you, and your server, will win in terms of features and also you will support all our hard work behind of it all this time.

If have any question related with premium version feel free to ask it in the support channel of Ssomar plugin's Discord.

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