Custom crafting

Commonly we receive questions related to Custom Crafting, ยฟDoes ExecutableItems supports it?, well, the answer first of all is that ExecutableItems doesn't have a mechanic inside of it related to CustomCrafting, so you should download another plugin to achieve this.

We suggest you to use -> CustomCrafting | Advanced Custom Recipe Plugin [1.16 - 1.19 | Free]

It needs a dependency, even though is not our plugin, many people have asked that it doesn't work, it works, it just need a dependency, if you take a look at the spigot page you can see this message, just click on "here"

So, bring to your server the plugin + dependency.


In case this didn't help you to achieve what you wanted or doesn't work for you, feel free to ask in the Discord of Ssomar plugins your question.

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