Ssomar Plugins

✨ Score particles

Score (the library for the other plugins) now includes 34 custom pre-made particles shapes from Xparticle.
  • blackSun
  • circle
  • diamond
  • circularBeam
  • flower
  • filledCircle
  • chaoticDoublePendulum
  • magicCircles
  • infinity
  • cone
  • ellipse
  • blackhole
  • rainbow
  • crescent
  • waveFunction
  • vortex
  • cylinder
  • moveRotatingAround
  • guard
  • sphere
  • spikeSphere
  • ring
  • spread
  • heart
  • atomic
  • helix
  • dna
  • dnaReplication
  • rectangle
  • cage
  • filledCube
  • cube
  • structuredCube
  • hypercube
  • tesseract
  • mandelbrot
  • julia
  • star
  • eye
  • illuminati
  • polygon
  • atom
  • meguminExplosion
  • explosionWave


Each shape has some custom parameters to configure, to see these parameters use the following command:
/score particles-info
/score particles-info shape:blackhole

Display the particle

To display the shape use the following command:
/score particles
To change the parameters of your shape just add into your current command
{the parameter name}:{the value}
You can add as much parameters as you want in the same line


Normally the shape is in the player who is running the command, to change this use:
target:{uuid of the target}
THE UUID not the name of the player, not the name of the target, not the name of the entity, the UUID.
If don't want to target someone but targetting a specific location use:

Particle type

Default, the shape will use the FLAME particle, to change this use
particle:{the particle type}

Color of redstone particle

Instead of using particle:{particle name} to use the restone particle with a custom color, add the next parameter:
color:{color Name}


  • "heart"
    • "/score particles shape:heart particle:HEART cut:4 cutAngle:2 depth:2 compressHeight:1 rate:100"
  • "blackhole"
    • "/score particles target:731bec03-102e-3179-b676-04de47c40580 particle:SMOKE_NORMAL shape:blackhole points:30 radius:2.5 rate:1 mode:2 time:50"
  • "vortex"
    • "/score particles shape:vortex particle:crit points:5 rate:25 time:100"
  • "diamond"
    • "/score particles shape:diamond particle:glow radiusRate:0.6 rate:0.4 height:3"
  • "ring"
    • "/score particles shape:ring particle:PORTAL rate:100 radius:2 tubeRadius:1"
  • "illuminati"
    • "/score particles shape:illuminati particle:NAUTILUS size:5 extension:20"
  • "meguminExplosion"
    • "/score particles shape:meguminExplosion color:RED size:5"
  • "circularBeam"
    • "/score particles shape:circularBeam color:PURPLE maxRadius:5 rate:500 radiusRate:15 extend:1 time:100"
  • "cone"
    • "/score particles shape:cone color:GREEN height:5 radius:1 rate:0.2 circleRate:10"
/score particles target:731bec03-102e-3179-b676-04de47c40580 shape:blackhole particle:SMOKE_NORMAL points:30 radius:2.5 rate:1 mode:2 time:50
Normally you won't know the uuid of a player, but since you can run this command inside EI, EB or EE, you can use the placeholders of it, such as using %target_uuid%.