Here we will leave some stuff that may be useful when developing anything.



  • This is a photo of the slots ID of the latest versions

More placeholders

Effect cmd

Playsound cmd

(General) Particle cmd

(Dust) particle cmd

  • When applying the particle cmd it needs 4 options more than the normal particles

    • <R> <G> <B> <Size>

    • Size is simple to know, is just the size of the particle, set it to 1 if don't know what to write

    • But R G B are sometimes hard to understand, since in the normal world the amount of each one is a number between 0 and 255, but in minecraft it is between 0 and 1, so you should make some conversions using math, calculator, etc.

  • This link will help you to select the correct values to <R> <G> <B>:

Tellraw cmd

NBT Tags

To get the NBT Tag of the item in your hand, you can have a plugin that allows that, downloading a mod, or just run the vanilla command: /data get entity @s SelectedItem

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