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TIP for beginners:

To give the permissions of all items, I advice you to download a permission plugin like Luckperms, Once you have a perm plugin you just need to give the permission ei.item.*, for Luckperm the command is /lp group default permission set ei.item.* true

Item permission

  • Permission: ei.item.{id}

  • Example: ei.item.Test

  • Give all items permission: ei.item.*

Bypass cooldown permission

  • Permission: ei.nocd.{id} ei.nocd.*

  • Description: Give this custom permission to disable the cooldown for your vip players

  • (Be sure to test without being op)

Give all permissions of EI

  • Permission: ei.*

Give all commands permissions of EI

  • Permission: ei.cmds


Create a new ExecutableItem

  • Command: /ei create {id}

  • Tip:

    • If you want copy the item of another plugin, or a custom vanilla item (Banner, Shield, ...), it's simple ! Take it in your main hand and execute the create command.

  • Permission: ei.cmd.create

Open the editor / menu

  • Command: /ei editor or /ei show

  • Permission: ei.cmd.editor or ei.cmd.show

Reload the plugin

  • Command: /ei reload

  • Permission: ei.cmd.reload

Reload only 1 item

  • Command: /ei reload <Id of the item>

  • Permission: ei.cmd.reload

Reload a folder

  • Command: /ei reload folder:Name_Of_My_Folder

  • Permission: ei.cmd.reload

Regenerates the default items configs

  • Command: /ei default_items

  • Permission: ei.cmd.default_items

Delete an ExecutableItem

  • Command: /ei delete {id}

  • Permission: ei.cmd.create

Edit an ExecutableItem with a command

  • Command: /ei edit {id}

  • Permission: ei.cmd.edit

Clear all cooldowns and delayed commands of EI

  • Command: /ei clear [playerName] [ALL/DELAYED_COMMANDS/COOLDOWNS/ACTIONBARS]

    • ALL - Resets the player's delayed commands, cooldowns and actionbars

    • DELAYED_COMMANDS - Resets all delayed commands caused by DELAY and DELAYTICK

    • COOLDOWNS - Resets all player's cooldowns across all items

    • ACTIONBARS - Resets all player's actionbars from the ACTIONBAR custom command

  • Permission: ei.cmd.clear

Enable / Disable actionbar of EI

  • Command: /ei actionbar {on or off}

  • Permission: ei.cmd.actionbar

Inspect the ExecutableItem that is in your main hand

  • Command: /ei inspect

  • Requirement: The item must have the option storeItemInfos: true

  • + : it shows the owner of the item, id, usage, and more !

  • Permission: ei.cmd.inspect

Remove the owner of the EI that is in your hand

  • Command: /ei unowned

  • + : After that the next player who click on this item will become the new owner (the player must be not op)

  • Permission: ei.cmd.unowned

Take EI from player inventory

  • Command: /ei take {playername} {id} {quantity}

  • Permission: ei.cmd.take

Refresh the ExecutableItems of your players with the last version of the lore , name, attributes... (The players must have the EIs in their inventory)

  • command: /ei refresh {playername or all} {ExecutableItemID or all} {resetUsage} {resetDurability}

  • Permission: ei.cmd.refresh

Modify the owner of the EI that is in your hand

  • command: /ei set_owner <playerName>

It works even with offline players

Open the debug mode

  • It is useful to check when an activator is being activated

  • command: /ei debug

Give commands

Give command

  • Command: (The variables and usage part besides the id is optional)

    • /ei give {playername} {id}{Variables:{var_id:val},Usage:val} {quantity}

    • Examples:

      • /ei give %player% Genesis_Crystal{Variables:{vibraniun:10,proton:30},Usage:10} 3

      • /ei give %player% SurgeBlade{Variables:{charge:%var_charge%+1},Usage:%usage%-1} 1

      • /ei give %player% BoneBlade 1

  • Permission: ei.cmd.give

GiveAll command

  • Command:

    • /ei giveall {id} {quantity} [world]

  • Permission: ei.cmd.giveall

  • Command: (The variables and usage part besides the id is optional)

    • /ei giveslot {playername} {id}{Variables:{var_id:val},Usage:val} {quantity} {slot} [override true or false] USAGE(<usage>) VAR(<var>)

    • Examples:

      • /ei giveslot Ssomar test{Variables:(x:"Hey",world:"Island"),Usage:50} 1 0

      • /ei giveslot Special70 rum{Usage:69420,Variables:(tell_me:"why",aint_nothing:"BUT A HEARTBREAK")} 1 %slot%

    • Default usage : The usage that is in the config of your EI

    • Override allow the EI to take that slot, and if there was an item there, it is going to move to another slot or get dropped to the ground.

  • Permission: ei.cmd.giveslot

Give every EI in a specific folder to a player

  • Command:

    • /ei givefolder {playername} {folder} {quantity}

Drop commands

  • Command:

    • /ei drop {id} [quantity] [world] [x] [y] [z]

      • Example:

        • ei drop totemshatter 1 %world% %x% %y% %z%

        • ei drop nuclearWar{Usage:3,Variables:(niconico:"nii")} 25 %block_world% %block_x% %block_y% %block_z%

    • Default quantity : 1

    • Default location : The location of the player who has executed this command

  • Permission: ei.cmd.drop

Modification commands

Modify the usage of a created ExecutableItem

  • Command:

    • In-game > /ei modification set|modification usage {slot} {value}

    • In console > /ei console-modification set|modification usage {player} {slot} {value}

    • set: Set a new value

    • modification: if the value set is positive it will increase the actual value of the usage otherwise it will decrease the usage

    • For the slot check the image below:

  • Permission: ei.cmd.modification

Modify a variable


    • Command:

      • /ei console-modification {set/modification} variable {player} {slot} {variableName} {value}

  • VIA on game

    • Command:

      • /ei modification {set/modification} variable {slot} {variableName} {value}

Search EI in the server

  • Command:

    • /ei search [Item ID] [search mode]

    • Search modes:

      • players: Search an EI in all online player inventories

      • containers: Search an EI in all loaded containers

      • all: both last.

    • Example: /ei search EternalSword all

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