Hight-Powered Grappling Hook

This page allows you to create a High-Powered Grappling Hook

1) Create the Executable Item

We will not be using the regular grappling hook item. We will be using the method used in the 2nd video in the 2 videos above.

2) Create the Activator needed to launch the projectile

We will be using the PLAYER_RIGHT_CLICK activator as this activator is used to run the projectile command in the Reference Video

3) Let's create the projectile file

  • First create a projectile using /score projectiles-create <id>, now, we'll show you all the config the projectile has, you could change them in the GUI or directly in yml.

The item should finally look like this:

bounce: false
despawnDelay: 1
customNameVisible: false
glowing: false
customName: ""
silent: false
gravity: false
velocity: 5
visualItem: NETHER_STAR
particlesType: FIREWORKS_SPARK
particlesAmount: 1
particlesOffSet: 0.001
particlesSpeed: 0
particlesDelay: 1 
  • despawnDelay = 1 because we don't want the projectile to hit a block sooo far away

  • gravity = false because we want to ignore gravity, to properly replicate how the maneuvers behave in the Attack on Titan anime

  • velocity = 5 because that will travel soo fast (in compensation for despawndelay 1)

  • particles are an extra thing, to have a better visually style, and to know where you are going to go.

4) Create the command

  • In this example the projectile above is named as MANEUVER_PROJ, you can name the projectile file's name as you want.

  • In the EI Item's activator add the command LAUNCH <projectile file name>, in this case it will be LAUNCH MANEUVER_PROJ

5) Create another activator

  • Ok, we already made the item to launch a projectile, now let's work with it, first of all create a PROJECTILE_HIT_BLOCK

6) Add the commands

  • This activator will get us launched to the position of the projectile, so we will need the following commands

- CUSTOMDASH1 %block_x% %block_y% %block_z%
- CUSTOMDASH1 %block_x% %block_y% %block_z%
- CUSTOMDASH1 %block_x% %block_y% %block_z%
  • The reason why there are 3 CUSTOMDASH1 is to increase the amount of times the player gets launched in a location and to improve the accuracy of the launch.

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