Launch Diamond Axe

First of all, this tutorial will be related ONLY to launch the diamond axe, if want the mechanic of launching it + losing it -> then appears in the block/entity where it hits make it piercing enemies, particles around it, lightning strikes the enemies as Thor, will require your knowledge and should be done by you.

Projectile creation

  • First step, always, create the projectile "/score projectiles-create axe", in this case it will be an "item" launched, and as you can read in Custom Projectiles only couple of items supports that, but the most usual is the snowball.

    • In the Visual Item -> DIAMOND_AXE

Item creation

  • /ei create diamondaxe -> and setup everything like name, lore, material, etc.

  • In this case I want the axe to be thrown when right clicking so that will be the activator, and in the commands, the needed LAUNCH command to launch it (if don't understand how LAUNCH works check the command in CustomCommands/Player&Target Commands/LAUNCH)

  • And that's all, save everything and let's test

  • If you have the [Premium Version] you could add a lot of things and make it look like this (or whatever you want, this is just an example)


  • That's it, the tutorial of the basic idea + showcase what you can do, I hope you understood, have a nice day ! :P

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