Block states

This is not the best way, but for now its an option if you REALLY need it.

If you'd like your EB to have a specific state, for example:

  • A Lit lamp

  • A Trapdoor in a specific position or looking into a specific direction

  • A custom note block

  • A lit furnace

  • etc

You have to create your EB, set the things you want, etc and then create an activator PLAYER_PLACE

After that, go to commands and add a setblock command, in my case I want to setblock a lit furnace, so the setblock command will refeer to that block.

execute at %player% run setblock %block_x_int% %block_y_int% %block_z_int% furnace[lit=true]

Its a normal setblock command, if don't know how it works you should take a look at "how to use vanilla commands"

The example is placing a lit furnace, to place another stuff the block will have different nbt, you can check them in

So once I place it, even though in my inventory it looks like a normal furnace

Once I place it, it looks like:

And that's it, the idea is ready, now there are some problems that we will tell you below.

Now, actually it only has one problem, the direction, right now it doesn't keep the direction, so you'll need to create 4 activators using direction conditions to place it correctly.

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