Creating a basic projectile

Create the EI Item.

  • Every projectile from Score is launched by an ExecutableItem item, so you need that first

  • /ei create <id>

  • Edit everything you want, as the material, item name, lore, etc.

  • Now, let's create the way we are going to launch the projectile, in this case I want it to be when right clicking, that means, Activator: PLAYER_RIGHT_CLICK

  • Now, let's save the activator and item for a while, because we need to launch the projectile we want

The order explained here isn't the best, you can do it in the order you want, it is just done in a way you can understand how everything works step by step

Create the projectile

  • Remember, we have the EI Item ready, it is just waiting for our projectile, to create it use the command /score projectiles-create

  • You can select there the type of projectile, edit the particles, edit a lot of features, just do it as you want, edit everything you want, until your projectile is done, in this case I did:

    • Projectile: SNOWBALL

    • Invisible: true

    • Silent: true

    • Gravity: false

    • Added some particles in the particle editor inside the gui.

  • Once the projectile is done, save it, and let's go back into our EI Item.

  • Let's go back to the activator PLAYER_RIGHT_CLICK of our item, and in commands we are going to use the LAUNCH command, the format is

    • LAUNCH <ID>

    In this case, the ID is the id of the projectile, I set it to "ThisIsTheIdOfMyProjectile" so the command part would look like:

  • Then press FINISH, save the activator, and save the item and.. TEST !

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