Server chat spamming

First type of spam

First of all we have to explain that inside the activator you create for your ExecutableItems, in the commands section, as long as the command you write isn't one of the Custom Commands of EI, it will be run by the console, so, if its the case you use a vanilla command, such as:

  • execute...

  • effect give...

  • particle...

  • playsound....

  • etc

The server will output in your chat what you are doing and will look like this:

If you want to disable this, you have to set broadcast-console-to-ops to false in your file.

The file "" is in inside the server folder.

broadcast-console-to-ops IS NOT THE SAME THAN broadcast-rcon-to-ops

Second type of spam

If you are having the type of spam that looks in the photo, is because you are using SUDOOP command, don't use it.

Check FAQ -> How to use vanilla commands and use the commands correctly.

Third type of spam

If the spam is on your console, just enable silenceOutput on your activator where your command is


In case this didn't help you to achieve what you wanted or doesn't work for you, feel free to ask in the Discord of Ssomar plugins your question.

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