General config

# EN by Ssomar
# FR by Ssomar
# ES by ?
# HU by ?
# ptBR (Brazil) by Seytani
# DE by N.T.G
# UK
# RU by thed1vine?
locale: EN
useMySQL: false
dbPort: 3306
dbName: myDB
dbUser: root
dbPassword: rootPassword
reduceDamageIndicatorWithProtolcolLib: false # if you have ProtocolLib installed, you can reduce the damage indicator amount (The amount of hearts that are displayed when you take damage)
jetMinionsGenerateBreakActivator : false
- "Run effect"
- "blacklist"
#if an output contains **blacklist** or **Run effect** and if it is from of a command executed in an activator that has the feature silenceOutput it will be hidden
enableDetectionEntitiesFromSpawner: false
#(default true) it adds a tag to all entities spawned from a spawner

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