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Premium ExecutableItems:

Examples of what you can do with ExecutableItems Premium. These are simply examples as there are way more things that can be done with the help of your imagination.


Executable Items Premium:

  • Trench Tools that respects protected regions

  • Veinminer Pickaxes

  • Gun Items with Cooldown

  • Sponge for Water and Lava

  • Grappling Hooks

  • Explosive Bows

  • Infinite Blocks

  • Infinite Water & Lava

  • Morph Tools

  • AoE Damage / Effect Sword

  • Rainbow Helmet

  • Particle Cosmetics

  • Automatic Primed TNT

  • Item Converter

  • Custom Totem of Undying

  • Armorsets from 1pc to 4pc bonus

  • Bow Modifiers that does cool stuff when it lands on a target

  • Recall Item that teleports you back to where you died

  • Click combos where you have to press Left+Left+Right for example to activate the activator

  • Auto Crafter / Auto Compactor

  • Whitelisting / Blacklisting blocks that your custom pickaxe can break

  • Crossbows that does not need to be reloaded to shoot

  • Items that requires fuel

  • Projectile Rain

  • Armor that can help you dodge enemy hits

  • Items that needs to be charged to activate it's attack skill

  • Items that shoots arrows that pushes back players and mobs away from that spot

  • Elytra with particles while flying

  • Block Placement tool that helps builders place more than one block at a time

  • Custom conditions whether particles would appear when you have yet to hit something for a period of time

  • Items that allows you to deal plunge damage, dash through enemies and deal damage

  • Items that have 5 abilities at once

  • Mid-Air Jump, Double Jump, Triple Jump and more

  • Portable Beacon that you can change primary buffs and use secondary buffs

  • Assign a Sign to display your coordinates in real time

  • Pull target mobs towards you

  • Items that allows you to teleport forward or backward

  • Items that helps you replant the crops you broke

  • Items that increases damage depending on how many

    • times you damaged your target

    • times you got damaged

    • enemies in a given radius

  • Items that when thrown into the ground, all nearby players loose all of their effects

  • Bone Meal that instantly grows crops

  • Items that detects player movement

  • Items that automatically smelts the block they break and specify which ones are going to be smelt

  • Items that damages attackers or give effects to attackers

  • Items that damages targets overtime

  • Items that when thrown, it will break an area of blocks and you can specify which blocks gets destroyed

  • Items that pulls nearby mobs in a spot and pushes them away in a direction

  • Items that allows you to leap and deal area damage upon landing

  • Items that allows you to dash through targets

  • Items that allows you to have 2 attack forms and toggle the 1st and 2nd attack form

  • Items that allows you to stop projectile movements while sneaking

  • Items that allows you to toss your enemies upwards and damage them midair by dashing forwards or backwards

  • Items that allows you to save coordinates into an item and strike lightning in that location

  • Items that can transform areas from one block to another

  • Items that shoot projectiles that can do area damage explosion and an after effect

  • Boots that spawns rainbow particles on your feet

  • Custom fishing rods with specific bonus loot

  • Wands that spawn bats on nearby targets and right click to harvest specific bats for hp

  • Integration of other plugins such as MMOItems and have those custom items plugins run ExecutableItems activators

  • Projectiles that pushes away mobs or pulls mobs towards to the location the projectile landed at

  • Guns with customized recoils

  • Projectiles that can shoot more than one type of bullet and assign specific effects for each bullet type

  • Items that allows you to maneuver through solid blocks

  • Items that allows you to temporarily transform one area into a specific block and revert back to its original state after some time

  • Tools that counts how many blocks you broke

  • Swords that counts how many entities you killed (global or specifically)

  • Weapons that increases damage for every 5 kills

  • Boots that prevent you from taking specific damage like "No-Fall Damage Boots"

  • Items with different behaviors based on your biome

  • Weapons that summons tridents from above and flies to your direction and explodes when it lands onto something

  • Shields that allows you to take no damage while being able to do no damage

  • Potions that when thrown, can clear effects of affected targets in an area

  • Weapons that deals more damage depending on your distance towards your target

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