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Add the dependency

Manual dependency

To use the API, you need download the ExecutableBlocks jar (given when you download ExecutableBlocks on Spigot)

Maven dependency


Configure correctly your plugin.yml

softdepend: [ExecutableBlocks, SCore]

API Documentation

ExecutableBlocksAPI class path


Check if ExecutableItems is present and loaded on the server

You can check if the server has ExecutableItems installed and enabled by using

public static boolean hasExecutableBlocks = false;
Plugin executableBlocks;
if(executableBlocks = Bukkit.getPluginManager().getPlugin("ExecutableBlocks") != null && executableBlocks.isEnabled()) {
    SCore.plugin.getServer().getLogger().info("["+NAME+"] ExecutableBlocks hooked !");
    hasExecutableBlocks = true;


public class ExecutableBlocksAPI {

     * Get the ExecutableBlocks Manager,
     * It allows you to get / retrieve the ExecutableBlocks Configurations
    public static ExecutableBlocksManager getExecutableBlocksManager() {
        return ExecutableBlocksManager.getInstance();

     * Get the ExecutableBlocksPlaced Manager,
     * It allows you to get / retrieve the ExecutableBlocks Placed
    public static ExecutableBlocksPlacedManager getExecutableBlocksPlacedManager() {
        return ExecutableBlocksPlacedManager.getInstance();

     * Get the ExecutableBlockObject
     * It allows you to get / retrieve the ExecutableBlocks Configurations under its item form
    public static ExecutableBlockObject getExecutableBlockObject(ItemStack itemStack) {
        return new ExecutableBlockObject(itemStack);

The static method to have access to the managers of the ExecutableBlocks and the ExecutableBlockPlaced.


/** Example you decide to support ExecutableBlocks in world generation plugin **/

public void placeExecutableBlock(String executableBlockId, Location location){
        Optional<ExecutableBlock> ebOpt = ExecutableBlocksAPI.getExecutableBlocksManager().getExecutableBlock(executableBlockId);
        ebOpt.ifPresent(executableBlock -> executableBlock.place(location, true, OverrideEBP.REMOVE_EXISTING_EBP, null, null, null));

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