⌨️Commands & Permissions


Give all permissions of EE

  • Permission: ee.*

Give all commands permissions of EE

  • Permission: ee.cmds


Create a new ExecutableEvent

  • Command: /ee create {id}

  • Permission: ee.cmd.create

Open the editor / menu

  • Command: /ee editor or /ee show

  • Permission: ee.cmd.editor or ee.cmd.show

Reload the plugin

  • Command: /ee reload

  • Permission: ee.cmd.reload

Reload a folder

  • Command: /ee reload folder:Name_Of_My_Folder

  • Permission: ee.cmd.reload

Delete an ExecutableEvent

  • Command: /ee delete {id}

  • Permission: ee.cmd.delete

Reload the default blocks of ExecutableBlock

  • Command: /ee default_events

  • Permission: eb.cmd.default_events

Clear all cooldowns and delayed commands of EE

  • Command: /ee clear [playerName]

  • Permission: ee.cmd.clear

Enable / Disable actionbar of EE

  • Command: /ee actionbar {on or off}

  • Permission: ee.cmd.actionbar

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