Projectile ideas - How to create...?

ยฟWhat is this page?

  • This page will be a explanation in general terms of common projectiles ideas people ask how to do, so, if you want to create something.. and don't know how to do it, you should take a look here first, maybe your question is here, or, a similar method, that you can think of how to recreate it looking how projectile works ^^

This page tells you how to do stuff, or gives you an idea, if don't know how to create an activator, how to create a projectile, how to edit the projectile, etc, this is not the place to learn, you can explore the wiki to check their sections, here you will only get the idea, not a tutorial.

How to remove the projectile after hitting the entity?

Add an activator PROJECTILE_HIT_PLAYER and PROJECTILE_HIT_ENTITY adding in commands: minecraft:kill %projectile_uuid%

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