General Configuration

pickupLimit: -1
disabledWorlds: []
premiumEnableCooldownForOp: true #Premium only
checkVersionMsg: true
disableTestItems: false # If you have a big server with a lot of players, it's recommended to turn this option on true
silentEIGive: false
silentMessagePreventionErrorHeadDBError: false
disableBackup: false #<- Backup your items config at each start / reload of the server
deleteBackupsAfterDays: 7 #<- It will deletes backups older than this number of days
whitelistedWorlds: [] #iTS A WITHELIST, ExecutableItems plugin will only work in these worlds.
giveLimit: 100 #Limit the maximum items you can give with the give command
jetMinionsGenerateBreakActivator : true #false/true If it is turned to true, when a minion breaks a block, an event will be created to simulate that the owner of the minion has broken the block.
exceptions: #This disable the action of activators with specific DamageCauses
    - THORNS
logs: #This is a log that appears on console for utility.
  dropped: true
  spawned: true

#optional config related to whitelist item per world (you can add a feature similar
#in the config of an item specific, you can do the same here, its just different way
#to do the same)
    - "myEI1"
    - "myEI2"
    - "myEI3"
    - "myEI4"


  • example: pickup-limit: 5

  • description: Amount maximum that a player can have on his inventory.

  • required: NO, (Default -1)


  • description: Blacklisted world, where all ExecutableItems are disabled.

  • required: NO, (Default no blacklist world)

- Thename
- ofthedisableworld
  • description: For EI premium, Enable or disable cool-down for Oped player.

  • required: NO, (Default true)


  • description: If true display you a message when there is a new update of EI.

  • required: NO, (Default true)


  • description: If true default/test items offer by EI will not be loaded, that can improve a bit your performances.

  • required: NO, (Default false)

disableTestItems: true


  • description: If true the output of the command /ei give will will be hidden in the console.

  • required: NO, (Default false)

silentEIGive: true

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