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Add the dependency

Manual dependency

To use the API, you need download the SCore jar (given when you download ExecutableItems on Spigot)

Maven dependency

Download the plugin on Spigot (Free version) : Place the SCore jar in your resources project

and in maven add:


Configure correctly your plugin.yml

softdepend: [ExecutableItems, SCore]

API Documentation

ExecutableItemsAPI class path


Check if ExecutableItems is present and loaded on the server

You can check if the server has ExecutableItems installed and enabled by using

public static boolean hasExecutableItems = false;
Plugin executableItems;
if(executableItems = Bukkit.getPluginManager().getPlugin("ExecutableItems") != null && executableItems.isEnabled()) {
    SCore.plugin.getServer().getLogger().info("["+NAME+"] ExecutableItems hooked !");
    hasExecutableItems = true;


public class ExecutableItemsAPI {

    /** Get the ExecutableItems Manager **/
    public static ExecutableItemsManagerInterface getExecutableItemsManager() {
        return ExecutableItemsManager.getInstance();


The static method to have access to the manager of the ExecutableItems.

public interface ExecutableItemsManagerInterface {

    /** Verify if id is a valid ExecutableItem ID
     * @param id The ID to verify
     * @return true if it is a valid ID, false otherwise
     * **/
    boolean isValidID(String id);

    /** Get an ExecutableItem from its ID
     * @param id The ID of the ExecutableItem
     * @return The ExecutableItem or an empty optional
     * **/
    Optional<ExecutableItemInterface> getExecutableItem(String id);

    /** Get an ExecutableItem from its itemStack form
     * @param itemStack The itemStack to get the ExecutableItem from
     * @return The ExecutableItem or an empty optional
     * **/
    Optional<ExecutableItemInterface> getExecutableItem(ItemStack itemStack);

    /** Get all ExecutableItems Ids
     * @return All ExecutableItems ids
     * **/
    List<String> getExecutableItemIdsList();

The methods of the manager.

public interface ExecutableItemInterface extends SObject {

    /** To place at the end of your itemBuilder , it adds infos for item to be recognized as an ExecutableItem
     * It will take the lore / name of the ExecutableItems and Override yours (But it doesn't override the customModeldata tag)
     * @param item The item to add the ExecutableItem infos to
     * @param creator The optional creator of the ExecutableItem
     * */
    ItemStack addExecutableItemInfos(ItemStack item, Optional<Player> creator);

     * @param player The player to whom you want to check the possession of the permission
     * @param showError true if you want to show an error message to the player if he doesn't have the permission
     * @return The name of the ExecutableItem */
    boolean hasItemPerm(@NotNull Player player,  boolean showError);

     * Build the ExecutableItem
     * @param amount The amount of the ExecutableItem
     * @param usage The optional custom usage of the ExecutableItem, otherwise it will use the default one
     * @param creator The optional creator of the ExecutableItem
     * @return The ExecutableItem
     ItemStack buildItem(int amount, Optional<Integer> usage, Optional<Player> creator);

The methods of the ExecutableItem


/** Exemple you decide to support ExecutableItems in your shop plugin **/

public void giveExecutableItem(Player player, String executableItemId, int amount){
    ItemStack item = null;
    Optional<ExecutableItemInterface> eiOpt = ExecutableItemsAPI.getExecutableItemsManager().getExecutableItem(executableItemId);
    if(eiOpt.isPresent()) item = eiOpt.get().buildItem(amount, Optional.empty(), Optional.of(player));
    if(item != null)
    /* else
         Your error message here */

Event to call when you add an ExecutableItem in a player inventory

Since SCore 3.4.7, Please when you add an ExecutableItem in a player inventory call the following event:

AddItemInPlayerInventoryEvent eventToCall = new AddItemInPlayerInventoryEvent(player, itemStack, firstEmptySlot);

This event is particulary usefull for one of my custom activator/trigger: EI ENTER IN PLAYER INVENTORY.

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