Share your ExecutableItems

Share your epic ExecutableItems with the Minecraft community !

You will see it's simple !

Create your .zip file

A .zip that contains the configuration of your items (and projectiles if it requires projectiles)

Go on spigot

Create a new resource with the following instructions:

Category rule:

The resource must be added in the Spigot > Misc part.

Title rule:

The title of your resource must contains [EI Free Addon] or [EI Prem Addon] and It can be placed anywhere.


  • Custom pirate shields | Many custom effects [EI Free Addon]

  • [EI Free Addon] Projectiles pack for ExecutableItems

  • Epic tools [EI Prem Addon], tree feller, auto replant...

Description rules:

The description must contains the image below:

Add the redirection on the ExecutableItem wiki page when the user will click on the image.

The Description must be clear, and explain correctly how to install your item packs.

Images / Short videos / GIFs are highly recommended if you want more visibility : downloads and good reviews !

An Icon can be easily found on google or created so try to put one on!

It's finish !

Now you can post your resource 😎

It will appear on soon ! (If you don't see it after 15 mins , open a thread in #suggestion-bugs on Discord).

The website that lists all add-ons:

Once your resource will be accepted, it will be shared to all the community with the a message on the discord.

If you want more downloads, try to update it regularly by improving your items and adding new !

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