Animated textures

The same I said before, this requires previous knowledge, check General Items for basic stuff


  • I'll make a rainbow sword, it will have 6 states, so 6 textures, each one moving a little the rainbow so it looks like it has a rainbow animation


The texture size is something important because we must do some maths after creating them, I will make them 16x16 each one.

  • They will have a order, so take care your animation makes sense for you.

In this case they are 16x16, we have to make a texture file where they all are in a row, so it will have 16x(6x16) -> 16x96 , then put all them in row in correct order and it will look like this


  • Create your admin json file of the sword, then link it to the sub-admin, and when that sub-admin links the texture, you will have to add a new file, that will have a extension of mcmeta (if it doesn't have it, it won't work)

		{"frametime": 4

frametime is how much frames it will show you in 20 ticks, in this case, the sword will display 1 frame per 5 ticks, I think that's fine, you can set a faster or lower speed as you want.

The name of the file .mcmeta should be equals as the name of the png texture, so it will look like this

Both files must be together, so if the animatedtexture.png is inside "customtextures" folder, the animatedtexture.png.mcmeta must be there too

  • then just save your texture pack and test.

  • And that's it, make the thing you would want, it is the same for blocks if you want animated blocks. I hope you understood everything and if have any question (that wasn't explained in the last tutorials) feel free to ask it in Discord. Have a nice day !!

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