Variable conditions

This appears literally on almost every item, and it is repeated constantly, anyways, it will be here too, its very easy.

  • First, create a variable in the GUI

    • Select the name, the type and the default value

  • Then create an activator (the one that will require the condition)

    • go to placeholdersConditions and add one

      • On the PART1 use %var_<NAMEOFYOURVARIABLE>%

        • for example if my variable is called "myhouse" the variable is %var_myhouse%

      • And on PART2 the condition you want.

      • Don't remember the type of comparator, if want EQUALS, or SUPERIOR, INFERIOR, etc

    • Then save the placeholder and that's it

This is also explained... but if your variable is a STRING use PLAYER_STRING comparator, and for obvious reasons, you can't use SUPERIOR or INFERIOR, since a string can't be superior to something. And if you are using a INT variable use PLAYER_NUMBER.

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