RNG Chance activator

Well, well, some time ago I wanted a NINJA Armor and the idea was.. ok, some hits are dodged and some don't, but.. that "dodge" how to do it?, well, after a long time thinking this method came up, let's explain it.

This tutorial will be related to the example said above, but the idea is you to get the nutshell of the method and apply it as you want.

Let's create the item

The item itself needs premium version + PlaceholderAPI + RNG Expansion

  • After adding the name, lore and material..

Let's create the activator that will make the magic

  • So first, the idea is to make a RECEIVE_HIT_BY_GLOBAL and cancel event.

  • So now, it is cancelling EVERY received hit, to make it to sometimes cancel and sometimes doesn't cancel, we have to make the activator itself to run sometimes, so, we will add a condition related with RNG, the nutshell is, a random number between 1 and 4, if it matches 1, the activator will run, it has a probability of 25% -> that is the probability we want, let's add it.


And in the first part we will add "%rng_1,4%" (this require PlaceholderAPI and RNG Expansion)


"1" (because we want it to trigger only if the random number between 1 and 4 matches 1)

And the item is ready

FOR DEBUG PURPOSES I WILL ADD THAT THE ACTIVATOR SAYS "dodge" AND IF THE PLACEHOLDER DOESN'T MATCH SAYS "didn't dodge". So once we test it, we will know if it is working properly.

And it worked, the activator only runs 1 over 4 times.

If have any question feel free to ask it in the discord of EI, have a nice day :P

How to set the correct values to get the percentage you want

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