Insta pickup

This tutorial will help you to recreate the insta-pickup mechanic

In this case the item will be related with breaking blocks, but you can adapt it to your needs.

Let's create the item

  • Type /ei create <id> to create the item.

  • Set the material, name and lore.

  • Now, let's create the activator that will trigger the function to make the mechanic, in this case it will be PLAYER_BREAK_BLOCK (Premium Activator, as I said, you can adapt it to your needs, using another activator.)

  • And in commands we will add:

- execute at %player% positioned %block_x% %block_y% %block_z% run tp @e[type=item,distance=..2] %player%
  • With this we will make the items get teleported to the player, but it will be a little delay to take the items, to don't have that delay we will add:

- execute at %player% as @e[type=item,distance=..1] run data merge entity @s {PickupDelay:0s}
  • And that's all, save the commands, save the activator and then save the item, and test yourself it will work like this:

  • If have any question feel free to ask in the discord, have a nice day ðŸĨģðŸĨģ

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