Epic particles

In this page you will learn different methods to add particles to your item from more basic to more epic/advanced.

1) PARTICLE command

This command has limitations of shape, in the case of dust particle doesn't work fine, etc, that's why its not the better, you can take a look at this link


2) Vanilla particle command

Combining this command with the tutorial of "how to use vanilla commands" you will get something like

execute at <placeholder> run particle....

Here you are more free than the last one, but again, the shape is only a parallelepiped, not the most epic thing.

If don't know how to use particle command take a look at this link

How to use particle command

Particle command generator

3) Particle generators

Here you will have some webpages to generate particle shapes, these are SO useful to create stuff.

Most of them works based on math equations, so you need a little of preknowledge of this. To take a look at how math equations work you can use GEOGEBRA

To extract the commands from one line or from a function to commands divided you need some pre-knowledge too.

The first link is a particle generator based on one command block, you have a video tutorial too

The second link is better, it works with math equations so you can get lot of more shapes than the last one. There is also a video link.

4) Score particles

There is also Score particles who includes lot of pre-made shapes that you can edit with their specific parameters to display what you'd like to display. More info in the tutorial of Score particles.

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