Custom food

If would like to add custom food to your server, you should take a look at this guide. It can be done using the free version. But in terms of adding custom retexturing food, it would need the premium version. Said that, let's begin

Create the item

  • We have to create the item running /ei create <id>

Visual stuff

  • Set up the custom name, the material, the lore etc.


  • We have to set the usage of the item to 0

If you have the premium version set the usageModification too to -1


  • Let's move on into activators, create one, it must be PLAYER_CONSUME

  • Cancel the event

  • And now let's edit the commands, in this case I will give the player speed, and 2 of food.

  • And that's it, let's test


  • It gave me speed and 1 food, all fine 🥳🥳🥳

  • Now to set it to custom texture food just apply the custom retexturing, if have no idea and have the premium version feel free to check the tutorials. If have any question feel free to ask ^^.

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