Custom durability

  • This tutorial will show you how to make custom durability armor/weapon/etc

Creating the item

  • First of all let's create the item typing /ei create <id> (example1 in this case)

  • For this example the item will be a diamond_chestplate so let's change the material into it 🧐

Setting the durability

  • To set the durability we will use the usage of the item, so the amount of usage will be the durability of the item, in this case the chestplate will have 5000 durability.

We are using this because when the usage reaches 0 the item will disappear (broke).

  • Because of custom durability we have to set the item unbreakable by vanilla way

Modifying the durability

  • Let's create an activator PLAYER_RECEIVE_HIT_GLOBAL

  • And on usageModification set -1

  • And set the correct detailedSlots (in this case it is a diamond_chestplate -> chest)

Don't forget to remove the mainhand slot (stick)

  • And that would be all ! The idea of the item is when hit -> the usage will be subtracted with -1, so the item after 5000 hits will "break" 😎

Any question or suggestion you can ask on Discord ! 👻

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