Condition 1 between 5 different armor pieces

Let's say, we have 5 helmets, they are explained right here:

  • "1"

    • lore: "Fire helmet"

  • "2"

    • lore: "Ice helmet"

  • "3"

    • lore: "Dirt helmet"

  • "4"

    • lore: "Lava helmet"

  • "5"

    • lore: "Stone helmet"

And you would like to create an activator that triggers if you have any of these armor (like the condition of OR), you'd need the CheckItem expansion of PlaceholderAPI and take a look at this placeholderCondition:

        type: PLAYER_PLAYER
        comparator: IS_CONTAINED_IN
        part1: '%checkitem_inslot:39,lorecontains:“Fire helmet”%<OR>%checkitem_inslot:39,lorecontains:“Ice helmet”%<OR>%checkitem_inslot:39,lorecontains:“Dirt helmet”%<OR>%checkitem_inslot:39,lorecontains:“Lava helmet”%<OR>%checkitem_inslot:39,lorecontains:“Stone helmet”%'
        part2: 'yes'
        cancelEventIfNotValid: false
        messageIfNotValid: 'You dont have any of the armor pieces needed to make this work'
        messageIfNotValidForTarget: ''

This is a way to use it, but you can do the same with different weapons, or different armor pieces, this is just an idea, use it as you want.

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