If want to create an ability with a condition of hitting from the back of the target/entity, this is the correct place

Needed things:

  • PlaceholderAPI

  • Math expansion of PlaceholderAPI -> /papi ecloud download Math + /papi reload

First create your item and then the activator you want the condition of "backstab"

The activator MUST BE related to an entity/target

If you plan to use this condition of an activator PLAYER_PLACE_BLOCK, it won't make sense, since there is no entity related, same goes for activator PLAYER_RIGHT_CLICK, only activators with entities or players involved.

Then go to placeholders conditions

Add a condition PLAYER_NUMBER

In PART1 we will be comparing the two directions of the player and target/entity

  • PART1: %math_1_ABS((%player_yaw%)-(%entity_yaw%))%


  • PART2: 90

If you are working with target, change instead of %entity_yaw% -> %target_yaw%

Ex: %math_1_ABS((%player_yaw%)-(%target_yaw%))%

Then save and its ready !

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